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The ever increasing cost of energy and its short-availability emphasize the urgent need for preservation even in the oil-producing countries. Out of the effective ways to save energy is to improve the building insulation system. Putting this as a target, we at Awazel AlJazirah have been very keen to be one of the professional pioneers in the field of hydro-thermal insulation systems. This is due to our certain and full knowledge that well insulated buildings will maintain their market value for a long time.
Over the past decade, we managed to build a wide experience and a professional team in the field of hydro-thermal insulation and their installation in all major and minor projects. We also managed to set up a distinctive marketing and technical team to meet the increasing requirement for best insulation systems that cope with conditions and weather of the Kingdom.
Over the last years there has been a remarkable increment in the development of building insulation materials targeting high performance. We have been successful in coping with such development through provision of best materials of high international specifications that are approved by European And American Specification Organizations as well as their having the Saudi Specifications Standards .